20 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Your success on YouTube relies on the amount of subscribers you have watching the content on your channel.  Subscribers not only have chosen to watch your content but they have chosen to get notified when you post a new video to your YouTube channel.  YouTube channel and content views drives the popularity of your channel and more importantly makes you more relevant in your industry and helps drive traffic to your website.  Here are 20 ways you can get more YouTube subscribers.

  1. Upload Videos Regularly. Before people decide to subscribe to your YouTube channel, they’ll want to see multiple videos you’ve uploaded.
  2. Include a channel preview video. In one to two minutes, give your credentials and share what kind of videos you upload on YouTube,
  3. Share your videos on Twitter. Tweet your videos and get your followers to look at your videos, your Twitter followers already like you, .
  4. Pin your videos and spread those pins across different Pinterest boards. Although you can watch a YouTube video on Pinterest without leaving the social network, you want people to leave Pinterest so they can subscribe to your channel. Mention that there are more videos on your channel which you can get to by clicking on a link in the description.
  5. Put a YouTube subscribe button on your website or blog. Get new subscribers without forcing visitors to leave your website or blog with a YouTube subscribe button.
  6. Use a YouTube “click here to subscribe” annotation on the corner of all of your videos. The annotation should link to a subscription confirmation for your channel. Paste the link in the box and from the drop down options, choose “subscribe.” When viewers click on the annotation they will automatically get subscribed to your YouTube channel.
  7. Don’t beg for subscribers. Urging your social media friends properly can be done by saying, “If you enjoyed this video, then please subscribe to my channel which I update every week about social media, marketing, and blogging.” Begging, which you shouldn’t do, would go something like this, “Please, please, pretty please subscribe to my YouTube channel.”
  8. Post your newly uploaded videos on Facebook. Interact with your friends and your business page fans to get more subscribers for your channel. Some of your friends will end up subscribing to your YouTube channel.
  9. Create and publish videos consistently. Post quality and informative videos on a consistent basis, your friends and fans will notice and subscribe to your channel.
  10. Let people know when they can expect your videos. If you upload new videos every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Pacific time, let your subscribers know.  They will look forward to your informative and entertaining videos.
  11. Post your videos on Google+. Having a Google+ account is very helpful towards getting more YouTube subscribers. Not only do you get an entire page dedicated to all of your YouTube videos, but Google+ is also a Google-owned product, just like YouTube. Using Google+ to promote your YouTube channel will allow you to put the trifecta into action!
  12. Share your videos on LinkedIn. LinkedIn accounts are a powerful way of sharing your knowledge and your credentials, your network of connections may be looking for your service right now.
  13. Tag your videos. Think like the people you want to attract and use the phrases they’d use to find your videos. If your video is about Facebook advertising, “how to get Instagram followers” would not be a good tag to use.
  14. Title your videos effectively. People have to know what your video is about so use your title to tell them. The longer the title you have for your YouTube video, the better. However, make sure your title is under 110 characters so people can still tweet your video using a link shortener like bit.ly.
  15. Write good descriptions. An ideal description is 2-3 paragraphs in length and includes a link to subscribe to your channel at the bottom. Instead of sending people to your channel with this link, send them to a link that subscribes them automatically when they click.
  16. Always create quality videos. Don’t wing it.  Write a script so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to say.  Use proper lighting and sound.  If it’s within your budge, buy yourself some lights and a good lapel microphone.
  17. Engage with the subscribers that you already have. The subscribers that you already have will share your content if it’s helpful and informative. By interacting with your current subscribers, you will be gain subscribers through word of mouth.
  18. Create a branded channel banner. Your channel banner should be branded with your logo and color scheme.  You may want to include a picture of yourself at your profession or imagery that relates to your niche.
  19. Subscribe to other people’s YouTube channels. When you subscribe to other channels, they may subscribe to your channel.
  20. Comment on other people’s videos. When you leave a comment on someone else’s video, you will then have a backlink to your channel. Backlinks help you rank higher on YouTube search results.

Getting subscribers is critical to success on YouTube because that means people are engaged with your content.  Some of the ideas on the list can be expanded even more but this is a good place to start if you’re needing to grow your YouTube subscriber list.  Let me know what you think about this list or if you would like to add to it.  I appreciate the feedback!